Little Dead Ella

Staring at the (morning) sun

If there is a good side to getting used to early mornings, it's the gorgeous golden light that we only have for half an hour, from 6:30am to 7am. For the "natural light" dolls, it's my favorite - I never thought Lemon was a "natural" girl, since she has a darker look...

But when I found myself awake at 4:30am (sweet baby Jesus, I have the sleeping hours of a granny!) I knew the best thing to do was to wait a little and conduct my "Lemon in the sun" experiment.

Not the only one who's happy to go blind...Collapse )

There are a few other pictures I want to post, but enough with the overload today!
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Alright I have new photos. Of Ellie and Prue. They were taken over lunch hour through the week - a bit rushed, but I like the results very much. You can see them over Flickr.

I was going to post some here, but I propose a strike. No more pictures from my girls until Driel posts something from her end!!!

Come oooooon! Ireland, Lorelai, Eve, Dementia, Lemon, Joshua, Rory, Ava, Vertigo and Hades want screen tiiiiiiiime!!!!
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Linda goes to school

So last Sunday it was election day, and my mom votes in the school I studied my entire life. I took the opportunity to take some pics of the school and, what matters here, Linda hanging around, which was very cool [except for the sun in my head, which explains some hurried pics.]

As a result, Linda goes to CSA!Collapse )

More Lindaspam coming when I take actual good pictures of her with shiny white hair :D

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I'm still head over hills with my boy.... now I can't put the camera down! *facepalm*

Apologies to all.... and I would like to dedicate this pics to bellekitsune, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR BELLE! (A little early, but still.... I hope you have a wonderful Bday!).

And here's The Boy, early in the morning...

Sunday morning I'm awaking up....Collapse )

The phrase in the beggining comes from Chemical Brothers' "Where do I begin" - great song! :)
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